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H2Pro offers both personal and organisation development support for people and firms in the Professional Services Sector.

H2Pro is the right service for you if you are looking to develop your own capability, wellness and career. Additionally, we can support strategic level development in your firm to release leadership potential and deliver strategic success. We specialise in supporting organisations through periods of change and transition to ensure success and strategic alignment to high level goals and expectations.


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You - Your Future - Organisation
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All Professional service
firms rely on their people.
People rely on their minds
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Give Yourself the Gift of Time and the Space to Learn and Grow: Do you feel you are too busy too much of the time? Learn with us how to pause, reflect, GROW.


We MOT our cars. Why don’t we MOT ourselves?

When you think you are too busy to take the time to pause & reflect, this is precisely when you should. This is a key lesson which both Alison and Phyl have learned in their years of coaching professionals and executives across a wide range of business environments.

Coaching is a relationship that enables you to achieve your goals. In the confidential space created in a one-to-one coaching relationship, you will be able to share what is going well, what is going less well, what you would like to change, what your goals are and what is stopping you attain those goals. Together, as coach and client, we find a way forward to a place of growth, success and goal attainment; away from a place of feeling unsupported, stuck and frustrated. Coaching can be face-to-face or telephone based. Coaching can be fortnightly, monthly, quarterly. Our client-centred coaching is entirely based on your needs.

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CPD: Continuing Professional Development

As a professional, you have a commitment and an obligation toward your professional competence and continuing professional development. We can help you with the person-centred elements of your competence and continuous professional development agenda in the short, medium and longer term.

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Being Fit and Well

Professional service firms rely on their people. People rely on their minds and their wellness.

To practice well as a professional you need to be fit in mind and body. Living your best life as a professional can be uniquely challenging. This is especially true for senior people and professionals who find it very hard to calibrate. “Am I OK?” “What things (big & small) make a material different to my physical and mental health?”

Being fit and well has a particular meaning for us at H2Pro. We have an holistic approach and are concerned with the whole person: sleep, move, eat, relax, recharge and leave space to learn and grow.

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Strategic Mentoring

H2Pro offers one-to-one specialist strategic mentoring for professionals in leadership (including owner managers) of professional service firms. We can support you to develop an effective strategy to carry your business forward to where you want it to be.

We know that developing a strategy is a major management challenge. In our experience central to a sound strategy is the identification of the key strategic issues fundamental to the future well-being of the firm. Without that clarity, it is impossible to make sensible strategic choices and communicate these effectively to key stakeholders.

It is tempting to drive future strategy using the past and not the future.

H2Pro can offer this specialist strategy mentoring and give you the strategy tools to develop and inform the management judgement of you and your team. H2Pro can bring our signature experience to provide guidance on which of these tools is most appropriate for your needs.

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A mentor can offer a range of support

One-to-one sessions: for a bespoke length of time or over a standard time span of 4-6 sessions across your year. This is best carried out face-to-face, and, quite differently from coaching, your mentor will work proactively with you on a live strategic issue to work toward resolution. Although you have to find your solution, they can provide the support, affirmation, experience, ideas and challenge. For example; are you setting out to solve the right problem?

Sign posting. As a alternative to a direct mentoring relationship, we can also offer to sign post you to a set of self-help resources. We have a wealth of experience in the strategic management literature and toolkits having taught in UK Business Schools on MBA and Executive Development programs for over 20 years.


Give Yourself the Gift of Time and the Space to Learn and Grow: We are all too busy too much of the time, learn with us how to pause, reflect, GROW.

Change Capability

I am a leader. I am a strategic leader. I am a leader of change.

No change is not an option for any business, any manager, any of us. Change is a constant. The challenge in business today is the pace of change. Expectations are high, one change initiative often rolls in after another and another.

Yet, being an agent for change is a highly sought-after managerial competency. We are able to draw on our own research, our own coaching, development experience and consulting across multiple contexts (over more than 25 years) to focus on the key characteristics of being an effective leader of change. We can provide one-to-one coaching or multi delegate training to boost your and your firm’s ability to lead change.

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Being an agent for change

Being an agent for change is a highly sought-after managerial competency. We are able to draw on our own research, our own coaching and development experience & consulting across multiple contexts over more that 25years to focus on the key characteristics of being an effective leader of change. We can provide one-to-one coaching or multi delegate training to boost your and your firm’s ability to lead change.

Building your change capability is rather like learning to dance on a moving carpet. We can offer a range of support that in essence follow one of the following modes:

• Coaching
• Mentoring
• Signposting


Professional Services deliver their strategies via their people; they win when strategic leadership is enabled and engaged through the entire firm.

At H2Pro we know that the ownership and delivery of a strategic agenda relies on the senior and mid level partners. They are the key facilitators of success during both steady-as-go and change. We offer highly rated courses and firm specific consulting in the following areas.

Culture Change
Developing Your Talent Pool
Building Commitment to Strategy

Our approach is that strategy development is an opportunity to build commitment to the firm. It is not a matter of developing a strategy and then “selling it”. Rather the process of strategy development itself can build the commitment.

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About Us

Alison Herbert

Alison has provided coaching and mentoring to her professional colleagues throughout her legal career. With a strong track record of leading individuals and organisations to commercial success Alison is skilled at delivering change management, building resilience, developing emotional intelligence, self-management, personal effectiveness, decisioning, influencing, & improving communication. Read More »

Alison is a transformational coach. She believes that each person has the ability to achieve their goals and has a flair for inspiring people to believe in themselves and exceed their goals.

Career background

Alison practiced law for 25 years as a civil litigator solicitor. She founded and, as Managing Partner, successfully ran for 13 years a niche personal injury legal practice gaining extensive business leadership experience at both strategic and operational level.

Alison retrained as an Executive Coach and currently operates a portfolio career incorporating Executive Coaching for lawyers and other business professional, training & facilitating (clients include Ministry of Defence, Help the Heroes & Cambridge Judge Business School) and until recently held Non-Executive Directorships in the social housing and counselling sectors.

Coaching Style

Alison is a creative thinker with a pragmatic solution based focus. Quick to build rapport and trust with clients through a relaxed and engaged style. Empathetic yet able to constructively challenge across a full agenda. Alison’s professional and business background provides detailed knowledge of organisational processes and endorses her credibility. Her approach is focussed on individuals achieving their personal and professional goals within an organisational context.

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Dr Phyl Hughes

Phyl is a bright, engaging and enthusiastic coach. She works with a range of mid to top layer leaders in the UK. Her particular focus is on strategic alignment; ensuring leadership behaviours are driving the strategy of the organisation forward. Read More »

Phyl’s background enables her to have one foot in personal development and coaching and the other in the strategy of an organisation.

She started her career in UK business schools. She gained her PhD in the Psychology of Strategic Decision Making from Cranfield Business School In 1998. Following that she held full time positions designing and delivering courses in personal development and strategic behaviour inside organisations. She worked worldwide on MBA programmes and executive development.

Phyl proved to have a particular flare for the executive development side of her work and was encouraged to fly solo in 2008. Since then she has run her own consulting practice: Strategy Explorers. The unique proposition of Strategy Explorers is that Phyl and her partners enable clients to join up the strategy of their organisation, their culture and the leadership behaviours that are needed to support it.

In recognition of the high quality of executive development she is able to offer, Phyl held a Visiting Professor position at Strathclyde Business School. Her background in and continuing association with knowledge creation in the university sector means she brings a wealth of knowledge to her group and one-to-one relationships. Being coached by Phyl is a multi-faceted growth experience.

She has recently begun to explore non-executive roles in the not for profit sector and has held a position on the board of a UK Cathedral as a Canon.

Sectors Phyl has worked in include:

- FTSE 100 Engineering Firms, Financial Services, UK Public Sector, International Motor Industry

- and the Not for Profit Sector.

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